Tango Alpha Tango // Astro Tan

"Tango Alpha Tango has a new release in White Sugar, which ticks every box a modern rock and roll band hopes to check. From the first track forward, you’ll fall in love with these songs as if they were the comforting favorites you’ve sung along to your whole life. In the sea that is modern blues rock, White Sugar delivers such a refreshing take on a classic sound, Dan Auerbach wishes he would have written it." -Next NorthWest
"With “HYFY”, Astro Tan have created a song that is both classy and crude with all the attitude of music’s most notorious rebels. Sure, maybe Sinatra or Cole didn’t sing lines about being “fucking wasted”, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t have agreed with the sentiment. Especially when said sentiment is presented in as fun and fresh a way as Astro Tan achieves with “HYFY”. -Impose