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Sun Angle // Ice Queens // Ghost Frog

Sun Angle

"Drummer Papi Fimbres plays nearly untrackable polyrhythms that mock all notion of offbeat and downbeat. Like latter-day Coltrane, he often seems to want to play all rhythm—all sound—at once... blazing cumbia rhythms at the breakneck tempos of punk. Meanwhile, Salas-Humara—who counts punk, krautrock and washed-out psychedelia... as influences—lacquers layers of delay-pedaled, psych-prog guitar over the top of Fimbres' wild tom patterns and damped cymbal work, or slashes through the fray with syncopated riffs sometimes reminiscent of the art-damaged dance punk of Les Savy Fav.  It's an experiment in chaos and control, the control being Marius Libman's fast, circular basslines. Without him, the whole damn production might just blow away." -Willamette Week Best New Band 2013

Ice Queens

"...cranking out the sort of bent, forceful rock that isn't getting much play in Portland these days. It's tightly wound and confidently played, wrapping loud, distorted guitars and breathy melodies around herky-jerky time signatures, nodding to Smashing Pumpkins as much as Polvo." -Willamette Week

Ghost Frog

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