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Mattress // NRVS LVRS // Reptaliens

"It's in the flesh that Marshall excels; his shows are epic, awkward interactions between audience and performer. The first thing you notice about the lanky crooner is just how he commands the stage... his presence is built on singers who command the stage: Nick Cave, Suicide's Alan Vega, even Dean Martin. Marshall grew up on the Vegas strip, and the seedy glitz of the casino life has sunk its way into the music. He's a lounge singer—just not in the traditional sense." -- Willamette Week
'"2 Young 2 Know" is a snapshot of the emotional place between starry-eyed hope and late-night anxiety. Landing somewhere between Tears for Fears and My Bloody Valentine, NRVS LVRS have taken the particular days when your responsibility-free teenage years begin to creep into existential crisis and turned them into magic." -Vice
"Portland’s Reptaliens have just revealed their debut lo-fi single Forced Entry. While the band may be new, the members are definitely veterans of the music circuit, bringing to the table their past experiences from Portland bands Blouse (Captured Tracks), Wampire (Polyvinyl), and Brainstorm (Tender Loving Empire)." -Culture Addicts