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Moorea Masa & The Mood // Lee Allstar

"On her debut solo EP, Masa attempts to unite all of her disparate experiences and influences. Oh Mother is a luscious fusion of soul and folk, weaving gentle acoustic guitar, strings and piano under Masa's powerful alto, with lyrics focusing on change and finding beauty in nature." -Willamette Week

Lee Allstar is a 6-piece folk & pop group from Portland, Oregon. The music bends from one genre to another, channeling the likes of Rilo Kiley. One song may be stripped down while another is lush with soul. Lee Aulson is the front woman who writes, sings, and also from the band, Bevelers. Members of the band include: Aaron Stern (bass), Jeremiah Brunnhoelzl (guitar), Ben Dahmes (Drums), Alicia Newsom (vocals), and John Sawyer (violin)