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The Builders and the Butchers // The Jackalope Saints // Turbo Perfecto

The Builders and the Butchers

It was 10 Halloweens ago that folk/punk/busker band the Builders and the Butchers performed their first show, and a decade later, they're still one of the most entertaining bands in town. -Ned Lannamann (Portland Mercury)
The Builders and the Butchers remain one of the great underrated bands on the contemporary pop-music landscape. - David Maine (popmatters)

The Jackalope Saints

"Clinton Herrick's Americana explorations come to life with a musical support group of banjos, mandolins, fiddles, slide guitar, and more, echoing the gritty wilds of the once-unknown West. The band's live shows are bona fide hootenannies." -Portland Mercury