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Mimicking Birds // Boone Howard

Mimicking Birds

Listening to the band is like peering at a drop of water in a microscope: The closer it's observed, the more its internal universe opens up. - Matthew Singer (Willamette Week)
It’s a gorgeously organic record made for headphones, a record that screams the Pacific Northwest’s windy coasts and still forests, evoking everyone from Ugly Casanova and Horse Feathers to Fleet Foxes and Freelance Whales - Adam Finley (popmatters)


Boone Howard

"a formidable superband...count on soulful croons, a psychedelic fringe and undeniable coolness" -Willamette Week

"Howard ... wrangles with an almost paradoxical stoicism accompanied by bluesy vocals laid over an orchestrated backdrop." -Noise & Color PDX

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